• 11 DEC 13

    Introduction to Anthroposophical Medicine

    Anthroposophy, derived from the Greek words: anthropos=man, sophia=wisdom represents a way of dealing with science, and life issues in general, in a most-comprehensive holistic way. Anthroposophy is rooted in the Western (scientific) tradition; it has a Western perspective. It incorporates all fields of modern science into a spiritual and comprehensible approach. Therefore, Anthroposophy is synonymous with “Spiritual Science” (Geisteswissenschaft).

    Anthroposophical medicine has achieved a growing reputation for its methods of treatment and offers a new approach to meeting the demands of a rapidly changing world. Anthroposophical medicine is firmly based on the knowledge and experience of conventional (Western) medicine and fully recognizes the values of conventional medicine. Anthroposophical medicine therefore cannot strictly be seen as a form of alternative medicine and should rather be viewed as an “extended” or “integrative” medicine.

    Western academic medicine, as we know it,  is derived from natural science, the study of material phenomena, where things can be weighed, measured or counted (ponderable values, the world quantities). In the last 500 years, natural science has hugely expanded our understanding of the world around us. Although many of the early scientists were persecuted for their systematic thinking and discoveries, they were inspired by this new method of inquiry, as they no longer had to rely on traditional religious and philosophical teachings, dogmas and traditions. For us today, this spirit of independent inquiry is as important a legacy as the brilliant achievements of natural science in technology and medicine.

    The modern, scientific view of the world has gradually been evolved by building one set of discoveries upon another. The pioneers made their greatest contributions in the field of astronomy and physics, producing formulae to describe the apparent movements of the planets in relation to the sun.

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