Spirituality Guide

Spirituality Guide

We welcome you to this guide to find some general information and practical strategies on how to connect with your own spirituality. If you have heard or read anything related to the importance of spirituality before, you have realized that there is no single clear and concise answer to this question. Here on this guide, you will find everything about the importance of spirituality, its meaning, and many other ideas that may expand this universe, so that it can be reflected from a different point of view.

Importance of Spirituality

Many people confuse religion and spirituality, or in other words, every time they hear the word “spirituality” they automatically relate it to believing in their respective God or not. As you probably know, we can distinguish 4 dimensions in humans:

  • your mental dimension
  • your physical dimension
  • your social/emotional dimension
  • your spiritual dimension.

You must know that the importance of spirituality and working on it, will be good for many things, including being much more productive in your life. Having that connection to your inside will help you differentiate what’s essential in your life and guide you to better reconcile your professional life with your personal life.

This, indeed, is a part of the vision of what it means to be spiritual; although to keep that single expression would be to circumscribe the broad plane of today’s theme.

The spiritual mission is innate to the human condition and has nothing to do with an approach to religious issues. In such cases, religion invites the adoption of certain beliefs and dogmas or certain commandments that each movement has.

Our essence, our soul, is in itself spiritual because from the moment we are born it allows each person to make himself known in a unique and unrepeatable way. That is within the universe of who we truly are: the dimension of our spirit, of our soul. That’s why we’re spiritual in essence.

Difference Between Spirituality and Religion

Difference Between Spirituality and Religion

On this guide, we would not only discuss the importance of spirituality but also about the differences with religion. Many think spirituality and religion are the same, but they cannot be more wrong. Religion is based on dogmas, on specific beliefs that are rigid and indisputable. Spirituality is quite the opposite. It begins with the questioning of everything that has been taught to us so far, of everything from outside, with the aim of discovering our true being, not conditioned. Spirituality is freedom. There is no single way of thinking or acting. There is no truth on its own, but our own.

Spirituality and Addiction

Spirituality is an area that always impacts in a profound way throughout the addictive process. It is also the one that recovers the most slowly. Its importance of spirituality lies in the high functions that develop in that area of beings, such as the capacity to love and transcendence. Addictions cause a disconnection with inner spiritual reality, and with universal transcendental strength. This disconnection is not immediate but progressive and can be reversible.

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The more severe addiction becomes, the deeper the inner spiritual disconnection. This in turn functions as a vicious circle, as the resulting inner vacuum further predisposes to use as a way to fill these gaps, but this is a temporary solution, aggravating long-term disconnection and strengthening dependence.

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Often the challenge on this earth and on this planet invaded with such negativity, on the one hand, but also with extraordinary beauties, leads to the thought that on that balance is the secret of happiness. And what a valuable thing we human beings can have in our lives than happiness.

To be happy is to pass every step of the day-to-day future in a joyful, full, and most connected way possible with that inner being that we all have. And here appears another very valuable element that has to do with the possibility of resigning, turning the meaning of each of the experiences, even those that can be very painful or challenging for all of us. Therefore, regardless of dogma, regardless of a church, a belief of what we call religions, it is possible to live quietly, in life in peace, in conscience, and in connection with our spirit, if we so desire. A final reminder for people struggling with gambling addiction is to play on sites that offer responsible gambling options that you can configure yourself. This way, you can set the limits of how much you are willing to spend and prevent going over your budget. Another piece of advice is to make smart use of deals and casino promotions to minimize the amount of money you spend.